Capriolus Contemporary Ceramics

Mr. Ger J.M. de Ree

Address Gallery
Groot Emiclaer 153
3822 TL Amersfoort, Netherlands

Telephone / E-mail
+31 33 465 54 50
+31 6 21871144

We sell for you

Considerable sums of money are involved while selling pieces of art. The art market is not always transparent as you would expect and full of traps. As a selling party this is a disadvantage. Thanks to the many years of experience, Capriolus Contemporary Ceramics is familiar with the art market – particularly with the specialized segment of ceramic art. You may expect from us an objective advice. 

As an independent trader Capriolus can take objects on consignment. We are defending your benefit, entering negotiations and searching for the best outcome. Capriolus Contemporary Ceramics is taking the responsibility for the whole course. Valuation, transport, insurance, negotiating, selling, packing and shipping. For these services we charge you with a percentage of the gross result.

More Information

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