Capriolus Contemporary Ceramics

Mr. Ger J.M. de Ree

Address Gallery
Groot Emiclaer 153
3822 TL Amersfoort, Netherlands

Telephone / E-mail
+31 33 465 54 50
+31 6 21871144

We buy

If you want to sell a ceramic object because there is (no longer) affection with the piece or it doesn’t fit any longer in your living, in that case please contact us. We are interested in buying high standard objects by important international ceramic artists in mint condition. From the prewar studio potters especially we are looking for interesting pieces from Bert Nienhuis, Sophie Verrijn Stuart, Joseph Mendes da Costa, Lea Halpern, Franz Wildenhain, ’t Kruikje, Chris Lanooij, Chris van der Hoef, Frank de Miranda en Jan Eisselloeffel.

To bring a ceramic piece for auction is not always a good option. The costs are usually high and the outcome is very uncertain for the offering party. If you want to sell a collection or just a single piece of high standard please contact first Capriolus Contemporary Ceramics. We give you a transparant and an as objective as possible advice.

Either you can send us (digital) pictures or we can visit you without any obligation. Of course you are also welcome to visit our gallery every Friday. We can discuss the artistic and physical quality of the ceramic piece and fix a realistic market price.

If a piece of art fits into the collection of Capriolus we will buy it against the agreed price. If not we will give you indication where to sell your ceramic object the most successful.

More Information

For more information about We buy please contact us.