Kyhn, Knud

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Knud Kyhn is born in Frederiksberg on March 17, 1880.  Knud Khyn was a an accomplished Danish painter, draughtsman and ceramic sculptor. The interest in his work lies in his evocative, superbly modelled ceramics.
He worked at Royal Copenhagen over several periods: c. 1903-1910, c. 1924-1932 and c.1936-1967. He also worked at Herman Kähler’s Pottery c.1920-1924 and also at Bing & Grondahl 1908-1915 and 1933-1935.
His animal figurines capture so well the mass and expression of his subjects, in addition to capturing the essence of their characters, how they move, and how they play. Many of these figurines use a glaze popular at Royal Copenhagen during this era – an iron rich “Sung” glaze – (fired in the kiln once only).
Favorite figurines are the “3 bears” by Knud, which come in several sizes. Pieces from the Royal Copenhagen studio are much rarer and harder to find. Together with his wife Julie Bloch Kyhn, Knud also operated a studio from their home in Farum from 1934. Pottery from this studio is usually marked FK for Farum Keramik. This studio in 1993 was apparently opened to the public but later the works were donated to the Næstved Museum. Kyhn’s work is also widely represented in major galleries around the world. Kyhn passed away in Farum near Copenhagen on November 23, 1969 (text: C20

Pictures: Knud Kyhn in his studio (source Porcelaensbutikken); Monkey (source Vinterior); Monkey with kid (source; resting deer (source Lauritz); tilepanel with Adam, executed in Royal Copenhagen (source Eron Johnson Antiques).