Barbara Nanning - solo exhibitions

Barbara Nanning is a important Dutch artist in clay and glass, later she is dedicated to glass. In 1979 she studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, at the same time as Geert Lap and Babs Haenen, with whom she forms the core of a new generation of Dutch ceramists with international fame. In 1994 - at the invitation of the National Glass Museum and glass factory Royal Leerdam - Nanning is experimenting for the first time with glass, one for her until then unknown and distant material. Her first sculptures gives it shape by sawing the blown objects and then to grind and polish. In the past twenty-five years, Nanning created an impressive glass oeuvre that is represented in numerous Museum and private collections at home and abroad. Many of her objects and installations give the suggestion to have grown spontaneously, as crystals, jellyfish, flowers or micro-organisms.

Barbara Nanning - ' In the Centre of the circle is a resting point. From the rest point the movement starts. And that's what I do; capture the essence of movement and growth in my work. '

Nanning unique visual language and way of working are to a large extent motivated by her long stays in the epicenter of glass production in Europe: Nový Bor. Annually she is travelling to this town where experienced glass blowers make the most surprising shapes and structures according instructions and sketches by Barbara Nanning (text Haags Gemeentemuseum).

Simultaneously with the exhibition the artist monograph Barbara Nanning Eternal movement at uitgeverij Waanders & De Kunst (144 pages; Dutch and English; €25.00, ISBN 978-94-6262-255-5) will be presented with contributions by Titus m. Eliëns and Barbara Nanning.

Haags Gemeentemuseum (Art Museum the Hague), solo exhibition of 31 August till 1 december 2019. Address: Stadhouderslaan 41, 2517 HV DEN HAAG

From 7 september tlll 12 October 2019 Rademakers Galery in Amsterdam organizes a solo exhibition of the work of Barbara Nanning. Address: KNSM-laan 291, 1019 LE AMSTERDAM.

Pictures: Glass Object Peacock ll, 2019 (pictures source artist); ceramic object Transmutation 4, picture Tom haartsen (coll. Capriolus).